Job Club Discussion Topics

Basic computer skills assessment and training.

Resume development, cover letters, reference documents, and

follow-up correspondence with prospective employers.

Job search fundamentals.

On-line job application preparation.

Arranging interviews.

The interview process. What questions to expect
and ask. Preparation to handle difficult topics.

Communication skills, gender and cultural
diversity issues, and ongoing networking.

Videotaped mock interview and feedback sessions give insight
into your unique handling of this very important detail.

Job fairs and ways to get the most out of them.

Information about background checks, employer personnel
evaluation testing, and drug and alcohol testing.

Job success skills, employer expectations, planning for continued
growth, and avoiding future setbacks are also covered.

An alumni group is available for those that
wish to keep in contact with the program.

Presentations on both LinkedIn and ReferenceUSA


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