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Corporate Office:
2279 Romig Road
Akron, OH 44320
Phone: 330-253-4597
TF: (800) 554-5335
TTD: (330) 996-7683
Fax: (330) 762-5571

Host Agency Forms

Become a Host Agency

Host Agency Successes.The Host Agency is the heart of the SCSEP Program and is typically a community-based organization, government agency, or non-profit agency. By training at a Host Agency, older workers (participants) build the skills and behaviors needed to be successful in obtaining a job and keeping it. Also, work-training in a realistic "job environment" provides learning and feedback that will help participants be successful in the long-term.

Host Agency Forms

- Available Training Opportunities Form (pdf) (doc)
- Available Training Opportunities Sample Form (pdf) (doc)
- Host Agency Re-Certification Checklist (pdf) (doc)
- Host Agency Agreement (pdf) (doc)
- Host Agency Authorized Signature Form 2012-13 (pdf) (doc)
- Host Agency Supervision Report (pdf) (doc)
- Host Agency Supervisor Sample Letter (pdf) (doc)
- Host Agency Training Meeting Instructions (pdf) (doc)
- Local Income Tax Form (pdf) (doc)
- New Host Agency Certification Checklist (pdf) (doc)


- SCSEP Manual (pdf) (docx)
- Host Agency Supervisor's Responsibilities (pdf) (doc)
- Discipline Procedure (pdf) (doc)
- Training Performance Evaluation (pdf) (doc)
- Exit Evaluation (pdf) (doc)
- Payroll Schedule 2012-13 (pdf)
- Training Assignment Titles (pdf) (doc)
- Snow Day/Emergency Day Policy (pdf) (doc)


- SCSEP Manual (pdf) (docx)
- Time Sheet (pdf) (doc)
- Payroll Schedule 2012-13 (pdf) updated
- Emergency Medical Information Form (pdf) (doc)

W/C Packet

- Workers Compensation Instructions (pdf) (doc)
- Accident Investigation Report (pdf) (doc)

Employment Focus Newsletter

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