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Corporate Office:
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Akron, OH 44320
Phone: 330-253-4597
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Who is an Encore member?

An encore member is an individual age 50+, who have finished their primary careers and want to contribute their time, talent and experience to strengthen their communities by working part-time or pursuing a new career in the nonprofit sector. In return for greater flexibility and work experience, they receive a modest hourly wage.

Does everyone who applies get accepted?

Encore Career Network is not a fit for everyone. Individuals need to have the skills and experience as well as the generosity of spirit that nonprofits and government agencies need.

How long does a typical placement last?

Placements can be short-term or ongoing, but should not be less than three months. The placement is based on the scope of the work determined by the nonprofit or government agencies.

How many hours will I work?

Individuals will work 15 to 25 hours per week. Most positions will take place Monday-Friday during normal business hours. There is a possibility evening and weekend hours may be required depending on the scope of the position.

How long can I participate?

There is no time limit.

Can I serve in more than one assignment at a time?

Yes, if your schedule permits. Individuals may work at two different organizations at one time.

How likely is it that I will be hired as a full-time employee (at market rates) after I am placed?

The goal of the Encore Career Network isn’t to find individuals full-time employment. However, this program can be used as a stepping stone – similar to an internship -- to help build your skills, resume and network that will in turn help you in your job search for a full time position.

When I work, whose employee am I?

Legally, you are the employee of Mature Services. Your stipend will come from Mature Services which is also responsible for processing your statutory benefits and sending you a W-2 form at the end of each year. The partner organization pays your stipend by reimbursing Mature Services and also covering payroll fees and a small program fee.

Will my social security benefits be affected?

There are earning income limits if you are collecting social security benefits. You should consult your local Social Security office.